Fremantle Bacon Festival

Because everything’s better with Bacon...we’ve put it all together in one delicious spot. The 2017 Fremantle Bacon Festival is a celebration of everything bacon, you just have to be there. Roam around the food stalls and get your fill of creative bacon dishes – we bet you’ve never tried bacon ice cream?! Grab a pint or a bacon cocktail at one of our pop up bars, then head to the food coma zone and listen to great, local live music.​There’s also a bacon cook-off (amateur and pro) happening both days. Kids under 15 years old are FREE and we’ll have kids zone with activities to keep your little piglets entertained.


More event dates

  • 22 Apr to
    22 Apr 2017
  • 23 Apr to
    23 Apr 2017

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Fitness Infused Yoga Classes

Come strengthen your mind & body with a fun Vinyasa flow to upbeat music, incorporated with fitness elements. The class starts by building heat through fluid movements and breath work and ends on the mat with Yin stretches.  Core and glute-building exercises incorporated into the flow! Advanced and beginner variations offered throughout the class.   Feel free to come and flow at your own pace.  ALL levels welcome! FIRST VISIT $10! Check us out at for timetable & prices

Fremantle Story Magazine | Summer 2016/17 Edition

It’s been ages coming but summer is HERE! We've got you covered (literally) with our fab and quirky collection of thongs, hats and togs from Fremantle’s gorgeous shops. Next stop is the beach but before you head out read up on what’s special about each of our beaches–they’re all quite different and there’s one or two you may not know about. We've highlighted a couple of those ‘off grid’ places that only the locals know about, the warehouse district of Knutsford Street Precinct and North of North Fremantle. Keep us posted with your summer fun and #Fremantlestory. You might end up in our captures section! The Fremantle story team The Fremantle story magazine is currently available at Fremantle Visitor Centre,  cafés, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, universities and colleges in Fremantle and wider Perth metropolitan area. 

Kurun Warun

Kurun Warun's paintings of culture and environment use colours inspired by natural resources and cultural body markings.  Kurun Warun continues the great Aboriginal tradition of telling stories of the people and their environment, how they lived in their country and managed its resources. Kurun Warun refers to his work as “living culture – our story”. His use of colour reflects the primary resources of the people – red, black and white are used to convey cultural body markings and structures found in nature.

Hellish Hair

Hell awaits! And it wants you to have devilish hair!  Altenative hair salon in the heart of Freo! Come get a wild and colorful hair do that will freak your grandma out! 

Nature and Art Hub for kids and their grown ups

Nature play is here to stay! Moore and Moore café, Moores Building Contemperary Art Gallery  Paper Bird Childrens Books and Art, Inkling Art Space and Nature Play WA have joined forces to create a beautiful hidden courtyard right in the heart of Freo.   A dream for people with little ones!  Here’s a hub where you can enjoy a coffee, fabulous food, art, the best children’s books, fantastic kids art classes and a gorgeous nature play area. You can relax with friends and your kids can be themselves: climbing, digging, swinging and creating.  

Tanami Desert Artists Yuendumu Nyirripi

Tanami Desert artists of Yuendumu & Nyirripi tell the great Warlpiri stories of Jukurrpa Dreaming sites. Warlpiri artists from Yuendumu in the Tanami Desert were amongst the first community groups to take up the desert art movement that spread from Papunya.The stories of the Warlpiri Jukurrpa traditions have remained strong and artists of the community have continued to paint and record the traditions of their ancestors. Artists from the smaller outlying community of Nyirripi have joined with Yuendumu artists and from 2010 they have brought a new and fresh layer of storytelling to the great Warlpiri stories that they share with their neighbours. The current exhibition includes works by Shorty Jangala Robertson, Liddy Napanangka Walker, Alma Nungurrayi Granites and Murdie Nampijinpa Morris, along with other artists from Nyirripi and Yuendumu.

Travellers and Traders in the Indian Ocean World

Merchants and sailors have crossed the Indian Ocean for thousands of years and 70% of the world’s goods continue to do so today. This vast expanse of water was the world’s first highway and has been the centre of world economy for millenia, but how well do we know it? This exhibition takes you on your own journey across the Indian Ocean to discover its rich history through ancient objects and stories about its traders, explorers and the many different peoples who inhabit its shores.

Dome Cafe

From early in the morning till late at night, there's no place like dome. For over twenty years at dome we've been obsessed with sourcing, roasting and brewing the world's finest coffee. Our obsession extends to our diverse menu, created with passion around delicious flavours and dependable quality. Add in the European feel of our cafe's with their domed ceilings, wood panelling and seriously comfortable leather chairs, and you'll understand why there's no place like dome.

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