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Fremantle Arts Centre presents,

Marcus Beilby | Sightings – City of Fremantle Art Collection

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Date & time

All day on the 16th of July 2017
until the end of the 5th of September

Additional dates

  • All day 27th May 2017
    until 17th July

  • All day 28th May 2017
    until 18th July

  • All day 29th May 2017
    until 19th July

  • All day 30th May 2017
    until 20th July

  • All day 31st May 2017
    until 21st July

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    until 29th July

  • All day 9th Jun 2017
    until 30th July

  • All day 10th Jun 2017
    until 31st July

  • All day 11th Jun 2017
    until 1st August

  • All day 12th Jun 2017
    until 2nd August

  • All day 13th Jun 2017
    until 3rd August

  • All day 14th Jun 2017
    until 4th August

  • All day 15th Jun 2017
    until 5th August

  • All day 16th Jun 2017
    until 6th August

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    until 23rd August

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    until 24th August

  • All day 5th Jul 2017
    until 25th August

  • All day 6th Jul 2017
    until 26th August

  • All day 7th Jul 2017
    until 27th August

  • All day 8th Jul 2017
    until 28th August

  • All day 9th Jul 2017
    until 29th August

  • All day 10th Jul 2017
    until 30th August

  • All day 11th Jul 2017
    until 31st August

  • All day 12th Jul 2017
    until 1st September

  • All day 13th Jul 2017
    until 2nd September

  • All day 14th Jul 2017
    until 3rd September

  • All day 15th Jul 2017
    until 4th September

  • All day 16th Jul 2017
    until 5th September



Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty Street
Western Australia
  • East End


Following 2014’s Fremantle Realists exhibition, Marcus Beilby returns to FAC to resume his quest to reveal the fabric of everyday life through a visual language of finely tuned realism.

Sightings brings together a body of new paintings and artworks from the City of Fremantle Art Collection which set intimate moments against a backdrop of public settings.

Marcus Beilby is an established Fremantle-based realist painter who forged a career with like-minded image makers Ray Beattie and Ken Wadrop and exhibited nationally under the moniker of the High Street Studio Realists in the early 1980s.

The City of Fremantle Art Collection, established in 1958, is the largest municipal collection in WA with over 1,400 works. The Collection’s focus on Fremantle artists and Australian prints celebrates the enduring importance of the visual arts to Fremantle.

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