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City of Fremantle & Urban Indigenous presents,

1967 YES The People Spoke

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Date & time

27th of May 2017 at 12:00pm
until 3:00pm

Additional dates

  • All day 23rd May 2017

  • All day 24th May 2017

  • All day 25th May 2017

  • All day 26th May 2017

  • 27th May 2017 12:00pm
    until 3:00pm



This event has multiple locations. 
 Please check the overview for more information.
  • Bathers Beach Art Precinct


The City of Fremantle is collaborating with Urban Indigenous to present a commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum. The commemoration is centered in sharing stories of individual connections to the referendum presented in live personal exchanges. These exchanges will take place in and around Fremantle and culminate in a larger family friendly event.

Sharing stories enables connections between individuals and their communities to be made. Through each personal story the importance of the ‘YES’ vote in 1967 will be shared, an intimate reflection about what this historic result means not only for the individuals sharing their story, but for all Australians.

Through the program of events the commemoration aims to engage in new audiences with indigenous stories in a way that is personal and unexpected. A series of pop up performances will take place in various locations across the city announced online each day. The ‘surprise’ performance/sharing widens engagement and offers new ways to people to engage with each other.

On Saturday the 27 May all the storytellers will gather and share their stories in a live performance at the iconic Fremantle location of Clancy’s. This family friendly event will be hosted by Urban Indigenous and encourage sharing through conversation and food and celebrate the power of people coming together.

In 1967 the Australian people spoke loudly through their votes to make positive change together, it was the biggest ‘YES’ vote in history on any Commonwealth referendum to date.

Event locations:

Monday 22 May to Friday 26 May: pop up locations around Fremantle (TBA)

Saturday 27 May: 12 pm to 3 pm, Clancy’s Fish Pub, Fremantle

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