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Fremantle Prison’s new exhibition Transportation commemorates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Hougoumont, the last convict ship to arrive in Australia. The exhibition examines the forced migration of convicts from Great Britain and Ireland in the 18th and 19th centuries, presenting the stories of men, women and children sent to convict sites around Australia.  Transportation, explores the social tragedy of the convict system as a whole as well as individual stories of personal achievement.  Exhibiting convict material from the Mitchell Library (State Library of New South Wales), Western Australian Museum and the Prison’s own collection, the exhibition demonstrates…

Museum in my Pocket: Museum of Moving Objects - Momo Inc

A mobile museum, focused on the people of Fremantle and their pockets. The museum sets up on the streets and public places of Fremantle and delivers a series of moving temporary exhibitions. Each exhibition is hosted by museum curator and invites people to showcase the contents of their pockets. Photos will be taken to capture the cultural objects within the humble pocket and exhibit them to the world.  City of Fremantle grant sponsored event

Pioneers Luncheon

The 89th annual Pioneers’ Luncheon is a celebration of the pioneers of Fremantle. Residents who have lived or worked in Fremantle and surrounding suburbs for the past 50 years are invited to a three-course meal. To apply to attend the luncheon, please see booking details.

Opening Night Dinner: Scandal in the Court House

Inspired by colourful stories from nineteenth-century Fremantle, our ‘murder mystery’ dinner will be an entertaining—and delicious—start to Fremantle’s Heritage Festival.  Join us in the beautiful, outdoor courtyard of the Drill Hall.  Guests will explore rooms of the adjacent Court House (built in 1884), take a seat in the dock, play detective, and solve an historic crime. Fresh from the National Hotels recent ‘long table dinner’ success, tickets include a delicious three-course meal by the National Hotel and a welcome drink on arrival.

Wanjoo Welcome

This year we open the Fremantle Heritage Festival where the Derbal Yerrigan (Swan River) meets the Wardan (sea). As we cast back our minds to reflect on the past, we embrace the present and the people within it. Elder Marie Taylor will perform a Welcome to County and be joined by musicians Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse. This family friendly event is focused on children and their families. The stories and songs will continue into the morning and all are wanjoo (welcome) to join in as Marie, Gina & Guy share stories and songs in Nyoongar language and music. *Entry…

Behind the Scenes: Fremantle Prison Museum Collection

Join Fremantle Prison’s curatorial team for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the curatorial work spaces of Fremantle Prison’s museum collection.  Fremantle Prison’s collection of 12,000 historic objects spans the operational life of the Prison, from 1855 to 1991. The diverse objects in the collection hold cultural heritage significance for Western Australia.  The curators will share insights into how cultural objects are cared for at Perth’s only World Heritage site. This exclusive tour includes visits to one of the collection’s on-site storage facilities. Registration for this event is essential as numbers are limited. Please contact Fremantle Prison via email on…


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Demolished and Unbuilt: The Mayor’s Alternative Fremantle History Cycle Tour

Fremantle is a city of layers with thousands of individual planning choices shaping the unique place that it is today. Join Mayor Pettitt on a bike tour exploring what could’ve been – the stories of the unbuilt and the historical saves. Be it the casino proposed for Victoria Quay in the 80s or the demolition of half of the West End's High Street for a highway in the 70s, join the Mayor to muse, lament and celebrate Fremantle’s historical planning decisions. Meet under RAINBOW, bring your bike. The tour ends in the Fremantle CBD. Numbers strictly limited, please RSVP by Friday 26 May…

Fremantle Walking Tours

  Here at Fremantle Tours we are excited to be working with the City of Fremantle to showcase the makers and creators of our port city. From young artists to leather workers, boots to hats as well as delicious food creations.  Freo's creator culture extends back throughout our history and into our future ahead.  On this 2 hr walking tour (approx. 3km) we will explore this culture through conversations with long standing Fremantle makers to the up and coming creators and the businesses supporting both. 

Merchants and Industrialists of the Port City: A Guided Tour through Fremantle Cemetery

As Fremantle began to boom and the gold rush period of the 1800s fed unprecedented growth in Western Australia, the demand for goods, services and products soared. Many of our early settler merchants became household names for the products and services they provided, each seizing the opportunity that prosperity provided. Join Metropolitan Cemeteries Board member and Fremantle identity Don Whittington for a guided tour of Fremantle Cemetery that focusses upon the amazing stories of some of our State’s earliest merchants and industrialists.  Experience close encounters and learn how many of their names live on in our households today. Tickets are…

Death Before Dishonour - Walking Tour with Five Star Tattoo Shop owner Ricky Luder

Join the Arts Hustler in collaboration with Fremantle tattoo icon, self-taught historian, practitioner, collector and business owner Ricky Luder on an exploration of the untold, undocumented history of the oldest commercial art form in Fremantle—tattooing. Ricky Luder has been on his own personal quest for knowledge since he was eight years old. Ricky’s obsession spans decades of travel, collecting, researching, business management and mentoring, all while practicing the art of tattooing.  On this walking tour, you will learn engaging stories about the history of WA that you won’t find in most books. Join us as we walk from High Street…

The Dorkestra Returns

The Dorkestra are a group of enthusiastic instrumentalists who strive to play serious music with increasing accuracy. Come and see how the Dorks have improved with a programme of favourite and obscure mostly classical music, accompanied by an extravagant afternoon tea in salubrious surroundings.                   

A Community Creation: Esplanade Park – at the heart of Fremantle’s History. A free talk by Dr Michelle McKeough

From its creation in the wake of the bubonic plague outbreaks; to the Depression Era when it provided a home to the homeless unemployed; to the many voices that spoke at the bandstands and on free speech days; to the important institutions that fringe its edge – the Esplanade Park has stories of Fremantle to tell. Join Dr Michelle McKeough, a historian at Murdoch University as she shares the Park’s stories. Credit image: image courtesy of Fremantle History Centre.

SKIN SIN: An Exhibition of Australian Tattoo History From the Unseen Collection of Ricky Luder

Skin Sin tells the history of tattooing skin in Fremantle, from convict times through to the 1980s. This history includes the illicit work done by prisoners of Fremantle Prison, such as well-known local tattoo artist Bobby Thornton. The exhibition is also a personal reflection on the art and cultural practice of tattooing by tattoo artist Ricky Luder. Skin Sin showcases unseen works from Ricky Luder’s private collection spanning almost 50 years of collecting. These include a rare suite of 1960s Australian tattoo flash from Cindy Ray, a piece of tattooed human skin, photographs and newspaper articles spanning the Australian tattoo…

Jug Band: Jumpin’ Thumpin’

Meet at the iconic National Hotel and join the Jook Joint Band for a session of old time jug band roots and toe tappin’ dancing blues, skiffle, ragtime and rockabilly music with a twist! In bygone eras, when times were tight and there was little money to spare, jug bands made music using home-made instruments from anything that could make a sound. Jook Joint Band incorporates a variety of instruments in this tradition, ranging from washboard, ukulele, kazoos, 6- & 12-string guitars, acoustic bass, stand up drums, harmonica and, of course, jug! The Jook Joint Band play tunes from these…

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Fremantle has a legendary festival and events scene that stretches across the whole spectrum of music, arts, heritage, food and entertainment from the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival to the Fremantle Heritage Festival. Plan your next visit to Fremantle by checking out what’s on in Freo today. And don’t forget to check out our eat and drink listings to find a great spot for dinner or a drink when you’re here.