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Fremantle Festival 2016 presents,

Aspire by Blazing Swan

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Date & time

All day on the 6th of November 2016

Additional dates

  • All day 29th Oct 2016

  • All day 30th Oct 2016

  • All day 31st Oct 2016

  • All day 1st Nov 2016

  • All day 2nd Nov 2016

  • All day 3rd Nov 2016

  • All day 4th Nov 2016

  • All day 5th Nov 2016

  • All day 6th Nov 2016



High Street Mall
  • Central City


Blazing Swan’s huge wooden structure looms large in Fremantle’s High Street Mall.

Aspire is a ten by twelve metre staircase for people to walk up to a nine metre high platform for great views of the Fremantle CBD. Packed into place at the head of the Mall Aspire gives Festival goers a new perspective on Fremantle.

The Blazing Swan team are a group of artists, carpenters, engineers and makers based in the Knutsford Street Industrial precinct.

The City commissioned Aspire to give city people the experience of an interactive sculpture of scale in the CBD.

You can walk up it, climb under it, play music in it, or just relax at the top of the tower with a cup of tea. Come down and meet the crew and enjoy Aspire for the Fremantle Festival.


  • Free!
    • Kids
    • Youth
    • Family
    • Adult