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Getting frisky in Freo


From the Fremantle story team....

We love this time of year in Freo with tantalising sunny days and those big blousy clouds tootling across the sky. Spring is definitely in the air and our mates over at mix94.5 and hit92.9 are running competitions (starts Monday 19 September) to get you to share your story about when you got frisky in Freo.

We thought we’d ask around our team and share a couple of our own frisky stories...

Natalie*–roughly mid 40’s* she’s single and ready to mingle!

I’m booking into a Keturah Day Spa in Freo. We all need a bit of extra relaxation, rejuvenating and energising especially at this time of year and it’s part of my pampering routine before a night out with the girls. I’ll meet up at the Harbour Master cocktail lounge (great cocktails from 6-9 pm) then head off to Bread in Common for dinner at their shared tables–you never quite know who you’ll meet. On the way home it will be a nightcap at Strange Company before we head to the secure taxi rank to get a ride home (no fit state to be driving by then!).

Brett*–32 year old surfer, skater and all round creative type

We used to head to North Freo to see a few bands at Mojo's and hang out with muso friends on a Saturday night. Between the sets we’d manage a few games of pool and stop in to Flipside next door for a burger and fries to soak up the beer. More often than not we’d miss the last train, it was never a drama though as there was usually a house party somewhere or DJ on the beach. We’d watch the sunrise (maybe a quick dip in our jocks) and be ready to get the first train back home to catch up on sleep.

Sarah*–mum of miss 14 and master 11, both of which are into skating (when they are not online).

With my chickies nearly all grown up and about to leave the nest (it feels like) I am clutching for cool ideas to hang out with my kids. Bribes work every time! I want to get the kids out in the fresh air and sunshine so this week it was the promise of an iced chocolate and cake (Roasting Warehouse or Ootong & Lincoln seem to be the faves at the moment) only after we take the dog for a walk at South Freo dog beach. On the way we stop for a few selfies in front of the tromp l’oeil mural at East West Design and pretend we’re ‘riding the scooter’ before we head off to the youth plaza. They go straight to the bowl while I pick up another coffee and settle down in the sunshine to watch from the sidelines.

Do you have a #friskyinFreo story to share? Let us know @Fremantlestory and don’t forget to enter the competition on hit92.9 or mix94.5.
*Names and ages changed to protect identities!

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