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Plata Bonita

Plata Bonita is committed to sourcing unque and stylish silver jewellery from Latin America.  The diversity of the regions from which we select our jewellery is reflected in the individuality and beauty of each piece in our range. Our Peruvian suppliers have over 100 years experience, with the current fourth generation family members overseeing all aspects of production. The results speak for themselves with the most beautiful hand made pieces of the finest Peruvian 950 silver available in our collection today. In the southern region of Mexico, an area famous for its crafts and silver jewellery, our Mexican suppliers have been creating absolutely stunning and innovative pieces since the late 1960's. We at Plata Bonita work closely with designers and suppliers alike, thus ensuring our collection reflects the beatuy and originality of the region in which they are created. Team this with our knowledge of current international market trends and the results speak for themselves.