Smarter Rider 2017

Date & time

All day on the 17th of March 2017
until the end of the 18th of April

Additional dates

  • All day 18th Mar 2017
    until 19th April

  • All day 19th Mar 2017
    until 20th April

  • All day 20th Mar 2017
    until 21st April

  • All day 21st Mar 2017
    until 22nd April

  • All day 22nd Mar 2017
    until 23rd April

  • All day 23rd Mar 2017
    until 24th April

  • All day 24th Mar 2017
    until 25th April

  • All day 25th Mar 2017
    until 26th April

  • All day 26th Mar 2017
    until 27th April

  • All day 27th Mar 2017
    until 28th April

  • All day 28th Mar 2017
    until 29th April

  • All day 29th Mar 2017
    until 30th April

  • All day 30th Mar 2017
    until 1st May

  • All day 31st Mar 2017
    until 2nd May

  • All day 1st Apr 2017
    until 3rd May

  • All day 2nd Apr 2017
    until 4th May

  • All day 3rd Apr 2017
    until 5th May

  • All day 4th Apr 2017
    until 6th May

  • All day 5th Apr 2017
    until 7th May

  • All day 6th Apr 2017
    until 8th May

  • All day 7th Apr 2017
    until 9th May

  • All day 8th Apr 2017
    until 10th May

  • All day 9th Apr 2017
    until 11th May

  • All day 10th Apr 2017
    until 12th May

  • All day 11th Apr 2017
    until 13th May

  • All day 12th Apr 2017
    until 14th May

  • All day 13th Apr 2017
    until 15th May

  • All day 14th Apr 2017
    until 16th May

  • All day 15th Apr 2017
    until 17th May

  • All day 16th Apr 2017
    until 18th May

  • All day 17th Apr 2017
    until 19th May

  • All day 18th Apr 2017
    until 20th May

  • All day 19th Apr 2017
    until 21st May

  • All day 20th Apr 2017
    until 22nd May

  • All day 21st Apr 2017
    until 23rd May

  • All day 22nd Apr 2017
    until 24th May

  • All day 23rd Apr 2017
    until 25th May



8 William St    
WA 6160
  • Fremantle


Become a Smart(er) Rider and be rewarded for cycling around Fremantle.

Ask for your Smart(er) Rider card from any of the participating locations listed below and collect a stamp each time you ride to a participating venue.

Once you have collected 10 stamps enter the draw to win an overnight Bed & Breakfast voucher in a Superior room, thanks to the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle.

We would love to see the advetnures that you have while completing your cards so get riding and snapping today. Don't forget to tag #freosmartrider for your chance to win a range of other great prizes kindly donated by local business, which include original artworks, bike equipment and store vouchers.

Competition runs from 17 March - 18 April 2017.

Smart(er) Rider Locations

The Meeting Place

Fremantle Leisure Centre

Fremantle Library

The One Stop Shop

Fremantle Arts Centre

Signatures of Australia

Ohana Acai Bar

The National Hotel


Boost Juice

Natural Light Photography


WA Maritime Museum

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Studio 37

Anytime Fitness

Missy Moos

Chai Baba

SOS Surf Co

Harpers Food Market

Margaret River HempCo

Old Bridge Cellars

Compendium Design Store

Future Common

Valentine's Camera House

Pirates Backpackers

Flipside Burgers


Abhi's Bread

Fremantle Chiropractic

Free Choice Fremantle

Luce Del Sol

Chic Pea Vegan Cafe

Amaize Homewares

Glen Cowans' Studio

David Giles Artist

South Beach Cycles


  • Free!
    • Kids
    • Youth
    • Family
    • Adult