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Disposable Planet 2 EFWA 2018

There is no planet B, yet we are consuming and disposing at a rate far from sustainable. The time to change is now! Learn from industry leaders and experts about the issues that matter most and how we can make a difference.  Speakers include:  Sass BrownBrad PettittJeff HansenDr Anne FarrenMarina ChahbouneJane MilburnNicki CollsChiara Spagnoli GabardiNatalie Shehata Click here to read more about our speakers.


Hydration is the most important aspect of our health that is within our control. We are water beings; 60 to 70% water by volume, and 99% water on a molecular level. Yet achieving hydration isn’t always as simple as drinking 2+ litres of water per day; if the water you’re consuming does not make it inside the cell, it doesn’t count; you’re effectively still dehydrated. Dehydration plagues us with low energy, headaches, irritability, muscle cramps, food cravings or lack of appetite, dizziness, dry skin, wrinkles and more. If you want to experience high energy, feel fluid and age gracefully, then…

AJ Betts Author Talk

Join YA author, A.J.Betts (Zac and Mia, Hive) as she talks about her books, her writing process and the transformation of her novel 'Zac and Mia' into an American TV series.


With a vibrant and diverse community that is passionate about sustainability, visual arts, music, writing, sustainability, heritage and more Fremantle regularly hosts a range of talks by experts in their field. Check our listings for talks presented by the City of Fremantle, University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle Arts Centre, The Meeting Place, Fremantle Library and the WA Maritime Museum and keep up with what’s on in Fremantle.