Workshops and classes

Mysore Morning Ashtanga

The Mysore - Morning Ashtanga yoga course is a four week course, Monday to Friday starting at 5.30am.  Traditionally Ashtanga yoga is practiced at sunrise, every day, with one day of rest, enabling the student to observe the fluctuation of the mind and body, and work towards finding balance within, and building strength to face the adversities of life. Practicing yoga daily offers the opportunity to explore yoga in its traditional form, access the benefits more deeply and maintain health and wellness. The student learns a set sequence of postures that form a personal practice, the teacher guides the student giving specialised instruction and adjustments. Suitable…

Plantbased Cheats

Learn how to make some of the all time classics, the healthy, wholefood, plant-based way! This afternoon workshop will be packed full of fascinating skills & insights into plant-based recipes, allowing you to feel confident expanding your current repertoire. Come along and learn how to make (with tastings of each item!): - Aquafaba mayonnaise - Meltable mozzarella - Egg-free quiche - Wholefood mince - Coconut salmon - The ultimate broccoli dish - Quite possibly the best hommus ever!

Beginner Yoga Course

One class a week for six consecutive weeks. This course focuses on introducing the foundations of your yoga practice in a safe and nurturing environment. Suitable for all levels of ability and body types. To secure your place for $99, please visit our website.

Explore Yoga Course

One class a week for six consecutive weeks. You may have heard of a variety of Yoga styles and wondered, what is best for me?  Now that you’ve completed Begin Yoga, it’s time to explore and experience some different styles of Yoga, such as Hatha, Yin and Flow, to widen your exposure to what is available.  Each week will explore a different style of Yoga, suitable for those new to the practice.  Each of these styles offers unique benefits, this course will leave you well equiped to develop your personal practice and help you to determine what style will suit your…


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Feel Your Best Fitness Bootcamps

A small group fitness class, focusing on high intensity training to gain strength, endurance and cardio fitness. Classes include fit-boxing, strength and cardio circuits and drills. Designed to help you reach your fitness goals fast, have fun and feel your best! Every Monday and Wednesday night at 6pm at Frank Gibson Park, Fremantle Classes run for 45minutes. $15 per session. Package deals are available.

Free creative workshops for 13 to 17 year olds

Cartooning for year 8 & 9 students (13-15 year olds)  11 am-12.30 pmWork with a professional illustrator to create characters, develop your own style and tell a cartoon story. Song writing for year 10 & 11 students (15-17 year olds) 1pm-2.30 pmFremantle musician Leon Ewing will help you develop creative lyric writing, harmonies and put together a song for performance.    

Plantbased Cheese Making

Learn how to create non-dairy cheeses that taste incredible and are set to impress even the harshest critics! Join us on this in depth exploration of non-dairy cheese making, with all the tips & tricks you've always wanted to know to master this modern craft! You will learn (and taste!): - Meltable cheddar style cheese - Cultured almond feta - Mozarella balls - Tofeta - Nacho cheese - Cashew mascarpone

2017 Larder Series with Executive Chef Scott Bridger

Discover and learn the secrets behind our favourite larder items with Scott Bridger, Executive Chef of May Street Larder and Bib & Tucker.  Take part in an exclusive small group workshop series and learn tricks of the trade to create your own delicious home larder. Each class will feature a different focus with Scott leading the group through the techniques behind some of his favourite recipes. TOMATOES | 14th March 2017 Learn how to make pasta the traditional way! Also includes ketchup, preserving and drying tomatoes and taking home your own goodies. Includes dinner, which consists of fresh pasta made…

Ripple Retreats

 Ripple Retreats are held over one day in a beautiful, serene venue in East Fremantle. Retreat activities include: Yoga Asana  Meditation  Whole food lunch, morning and afternoon tea and fresh juices breathing workshops Free time to relax and 'Just Be' Our goal is to help nourish your body with yoga, whole foods and fresh juices and balance your mind and heart with breathing, deep relaxation practices, meditation and more! If a day spa equates to a buff and polish of your car, then the experience of a Ripple Retreat is like a 'full service and detail', helping you feel radiant inside and out. Whether you seek that elusive 'pause button' that will allow you to stop, reflect and reclaim your balance, or a nourishing day to help your inner spark burn a little brighter, we welcome you to join us for a day of growth, healing and inspiration. Love Love Love - best day ever.  Ryoka and Debbie are the most beautiful souls that guide you through a magical day of learning and relaxation in a little oasis. Namaste MF Thanks Debbie and Ryoka, we had a wonderful day and learnt so much. The relaxation classes and nutritional talk was particularly interesting to us and we have just invested a small fortune at the green grocers for our juices. Best wishes H & D  Beautiful day, beautiful surroundings, beautiful food, beautiful co -supporter/presenter/sharing coordinators and the most beautiful sleep i have had in ages Thank you T. I am coming again and bringing my Mum or Sister​


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Cherokee Traditional Indigenous Healing 2 Day Workshop

Learn the art of traditional, indigenous healing methods from the ancient North American Cherokee tradition from expert healers Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy over a 2 day workshop focusing on Cherokee Bodywork. Almost all aboriginal cultures had direct, hands-on, methods of healing. Examples include Hawai’ian Iomilomi, and Thai massage. Evidence is accumulating that American and European osteopathy owes its origins to aboriginal people, especially the Pawnee. The Cherokee were no exception to the art of touching the body for healing means. This workshop will introduce participants to this form of healing. We will review various struggles for touching the body, including deep pressure, rocking, shaking, running energy meridians, mobilization and breath work – covering the body from head to toe. We will review what is similar and different about Cherokee bodywork from other systems of osteopathic or “manipulative therapy”. We will consider how techniques are similar to the cultures that produce them. We will consider especially the Cherokee emphasis on breath as a means to restore spirits to all parts of the body, and its consistency with many aboriginal languages in which the words for spirit and breath and the same.   Workshop will include: Supervised practice with the methods of Cherokee bodywork Practice with Cherokee breath work Examples of incorporating imagery and dialogue with bodywork Considerations of the importance of ceremony and ritual and intent in bodywork Manipulative medicine as a means of dialogue with the body Cherokee use of acupuncture and its energy meridian, use of crystals, and energy medicine We will then end with a prayer ritual to ask for a blessing on the work we have done and have yet to do.   The Facilitators Lewis is passionate about celebrating and utilizing traditional, indigenous healing methods in his work as a traditional healer and family physician, psychologist, psychiatrist and geriatrician. He is Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine and is a Faculty Physician at the Eastern Maine Medical |Center Family Medicine Residency. Barbara is the Education Director of Coyote Institute and is creative arts therapist and documentary filmaker. Together they bring a dynamic approach to learning and celebrating the art of healing with respect to ancient culture.


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Remap Your Mind The Narrative Approach 1 Day Workshop

One-Day Practical Workshop mapping your stories and ways to create a new map of the mind to take home and use for yourself. In the Lakota worldview, our identity arises from a swarm of stories that surround our bodies, which is called The Nagi. This swarm consists of all the stories that have influenced us, are told by us, and are told by others about us. A part of every teller of every story lives in that swarm. Some stories are told more other than others, and, the more often a story is told, the stronger it becomes. This is exactly what happens in our nervous system. The more often a circuit or a connection between neurons (synapse) is used, the stronger it becomes and the faster information moves across it. Stories are templates for behaviour. We perform stories as actions in the world. We have a repertoire of characters from all the stories living in our Nagi. We bring out these characters as needed to perform the roles required of us. To the extent that our character and our stories about how that character should behave match the requirements of our actual worldly situation, we are successful in negotiating our social landscape. To the extent they do not match, we experience friction in our self-world interface. In this workshop, we have a number of exercises to facilitate participants’ finding the stories in their Nagipi, the characters who told those stories, and the stories and characters that are strongest and most ready at hand to use. Content of the DayWe show how to make a map of all the stories and their tellers. Then we discuss some ways in which we change or re-map our minds by strengthening characters, adding characters and stories, and forming coalitions among voices. We show how to make a new map of the mind through exercises that people can take home and use. Dialogical & Narrative Approach to Psychotherapy This worldview is similar to what is called the Dialogical Self in European writing, championed by people like Mikhail Bakhtin and Hubert-Hermans. In our approach to psychotherapy, we make maps of our stories and their tellers to help us understand the dialogue occuring within our minds. Meet the Facilitators Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona and Barbara Mainguy are authors of the recently released book, Remapping Your Mind, which is the subject of this workshop. They’ve developed a dialogical and narrative approach to psychotherapy, which they have humorously called indigious-inspired, body orientated, narrative and social psychotherapy. Lewis trained at Stanford and Barbara at Concordia University. Lewis is also a Family Medicine Faculty at the Eastern Maine Medical Centre Family Medicine Residency and Associate Professor of Family Medicine at the University of New England in Maine, USA.

4 week Meditation Course

Meditation brings a calming to the nervous system that undoes the damage of continuous overstimulation due to our environment and lifestyles. There are over 100 benefits from meditation in our physical body.It also helps balance the emotional body, reveal the joy in life and assist us in a masterful purpose.Now is the time to learn to meditate and to love meditation!Hridaya is an expert in the field and will bring us a clear and nourishing 4 week course.For the four week program and to book in visit the website for tickets.Price: $99 for 4 Week Course

Handbuilt Ceramics Workshop

Spend a day in a serene light-filled studio making ceramics with Simone, the creator of Winterwares. As with all Winterwares workshops the intention is to give you some time-out from your regular routine, to get back to basics and create with clay. The hope is that you’ll come away from the workshop feeling relaxed and inspired and of course have some lovely handcrafted ceramics to show for it!   Tickets are $249 and includes a delicious local lunch and all materials to make a selection of four dinnerware items (you can choose one the day from bowls, plates or tumblers or a mix).


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Liv in style - Styling your apartment workshop

Join interior stylist Anna Flanders and a selection of home interior experts, for an inspiring session on how to dress your Liv apartments space using the latest trends and styles at affordable prices. You will have the opportunity to purchase items, receive discounts, tips and techniques when you move into your new apartment at Liv.

Bathers Beach Art Precinct

The Bathers Beach Art Precinct is part of the conservation and activation work around the historic Arthur Head area of Fremantle, Western Australia. The area is of historical significance for indigenous Australians and European settlement of Western Australia. The precinct is home to more than 20 established and highly respected sculptors, painters, photographers, Indigenous artists, a ceramic artist and designers, one of which is the famous sculptor Greg James who created the sculpture of the fisherman at Fishing Boat Harbour. Other artists include Joanna Robertson, Jenny Dawson, Peter Zuvela, Ann Land, Carol Hazel, Caroline Thompson and Tessa Joy. Studios Kidogo…

Workshops and classes

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