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Workshops and classes

Morning Yoga Immersion

Looking to reinvigorate your daily practice? Re-commit to yoga or simply start a healthy new routine? Our 14 day Morning Yoga Immersion gives you the support, community and inspiration to commit to your personal practice. ☀️ Classes are Monday to Friday, 6.00am to 7.00am ☀️ Your teacher will guide you through a dynamic yoga practice, energising and heating the body ☀️ Classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings are included, or can be well earned rest days

Brewery Tours

One shared belief when Little Creatures was just a twinkle in our eyes was that breweries over the years have hardly been the most romantic of places. Hidden behind big brick walls and imposing gates, very little was visible to the passing community. It is our ambition to change all that, to become an open and transparent Brewery that welcomes all walks of life to experience the wonder of brewing. Come on down, say hi and explore our little piece of brewing happiness. Not sure what style of beer is for you? Want to learn about all things brewing along…

Intro to Crochet Be There or Be Granny Square

Crochet classes for people who want to make and create in a safe and encouraging environment, where technique and enjoyment is proritised over perfectionism. I love helping my students grow in confidence and ability, and access whole new levels of calm and purpose that learning a craft can bring. The classes are guided by core values of creativity, compassion, and sustainability. Craft should be enjoyable as well as healthily challenging, and make the most of the resources we have around us. DATES Six week course beginning the 3rd October. Wednesdays 6.30- 8.30 at Plants Flowers and Oddities in Fremantle. COST $60 for 2 hour class, $300 to sign up for six week course in which you will take home a cute Granny square item of your own desire. We also offer a ‘crafty chums’ discount where by persuading a friend to join you in the classes, you both get a 10% discount on the already discounted six week course. THE WORKSHOP Wednesday evenings are for learning to crochet a granny square (or several). This gentle, intro-to-the-world-of-crochet course will cover all the basics of using yarn, hooks, and enthusiasm to create your own cushion. Each class will cover a different granny square, and can be taken either as a stand-alone class, or as part of a six week class in which you will learn to join and . So be there or be (granny) square! Tea and delicious snacks provided. Classes are capped at six participants to provide individualised support and guidance. MATERIALS INCLUDED Everything you need is included in the course with a handy kit! Each kit includes a crochet hook, beautiful 100% cotton yarn, and take home patterns.


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Beginners Computing

Absolute basics for the nervous or terrified!  Really get to know how to operate your computer, send and receive emails, search  and navigate the internet and make Word work for you.


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Highland Dance Lessons

Celtic Thistle Highland Dancers began with two students in a lounge-room in 2015.  Today, it is a vibrant school with more than 25 students ranging in age from 3 to 36. The school offers classes for recreation, annual examinations, performances, and competitions at local, regional, and international levels.  Our dancers have competed throughout Australia and internationally in Scotland, New Zealand, and Canada. Our friendly studio offers classes for all ages (3+) and levels.  Dancers are encouraged to dance for fun, for fitness, and/or for competition in a positive, considerate environment.  Theory lessons and preparation for professional examinations are also offered.

Wu Tao Dance Beginners Course

Wu Tao - the dancing way to balance and flow. Work with the elements and meridians in this restorative sequence of dances for harmony and joy. It’s easy to forget what’s really important to us in the midst of a busy life. We all need ways to help us maintain emotional balance, peace of mind AND a healthy body. Wu Tao is a powerful yet gentle way to achieve this. A unique dance as therapy modality, grounded in the proven system of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wu Tao is an easy and joyful way to bring yourself back to centre. This…


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Inversion Immersion with Julie Smerdon

Yoga invites us to play at the edge of our own consciousness and experience, and many yogis say that their biggest challenge in yoga practice is inverting. But turning upside down is an invitation to release fear, rock your body, and sharpen your mind! Inversions are taught in class often, but not always safely. In this workshop we will sequentially unpack the keys to proper technique that provide safety and freedom in these powerful poses. Suitable for teachers and for students of all levels who want to go deeper with these magical poses. Expect your world to be shifted by…

Risograph Fundamentals Workshop

This workshop is designed to show you the fundamentals of printing with Riso and gives you a well rounded overview of the different ways Riso can be used to create interesting tones and textures. Date: Saturday November 17th at 10:30am - 1:30pmMeet us at our studio in the MANY 2.0 building52 Adelaide St, Fremantle10:30am - 1:30pm What we do:This workshop will show you fundamentals of printing with Riso and gives you a well rounded overview of the different ways Riso can be used to create interesting tones and textures. Over the course of the workshop you will be exploring different…


 “Incorporating raw dishes into your lifestyle is easy once you know how, but it is more about how they make you feel. You feel lighter, fresher and more alive when you eat fresh, living foods. The health benefits of this way of eating are undeniable and experienced quickly.” – Heath Not only will you learn everything you need to know about a raw food diet; you’ll go home confident in your knowledge of how and where to begin. Heath openly discusses the pros and cons of a raw food diet in an approachable way, whilst demonstrating the techniques, tips and…

Mediation Made Easy with Julie Smerdon

Join us for an afternoon exploring the zesty, life-affirming practice of meditation. Meditation is a tool for helping us thrive in the world. Meditation can be fun and playful, and can lead you toward a life filled with more pleasure, passion and purpose. Let go of the idea that in order to meditate you must sit still, close your eyes and be in a quiet space. Let go of the legend that meditation is about stilling the mind and having no thoughts. There are thousands of meditation techniques, and If you want the benefits of meditation you need to find…


Learning the art of fermentation is one of the most powerful self-care skill sets you can embrace to increase your overall health and wellbeing. Best yet, it is INCREDIBLY EASY, affordable and rewarding once you know how! But, firstly, why ferment? It's now understood that good health begins in the gut; the most important 'organ' in the body is in fact the microbiome (the healthy microbes living in the bowel). Whether it's improved immunity, the anti-inflammatory effects or mood enhancement that you're chasing, it's the bowel microbes that set you up for optimum health. It therefore becomes important to appreciate…

Yoga for Men with Julie Smerdon and Cam Bancroft

Men are arguably the most neglected demographic in the wellness industry. But as pro athletes in all types of sport are finding, yoga in particular can be extremely beneficial to men from all walks of life. Men often hesitate to go to a yoga class because they feel like they are too stiff, or not ‘good enough’. In support of Movember, join Julie Smerdon and Aussie Cricketer Cam Bancroft for a class designed JUST for men. This class levels the playing field, and focuses on areas where guys need extra attention, such as their tight hips and shoulders. No matter…

Yoga Masterclass with Julie Smerdon

Life is full of peaks and valleys and twists and turns and the invitation to be your greatest self throughout. Our experience on the mat is much the same. Join Julie Smerdon for a full spectrum class designed to serve up all that yoga has to offer, from sun salutations to savasana.  Master classes are NOT just for ‘masters’! Anyone who wants a joyful morning of yoga play will will be empowered, whether you’re a beginning yogi or a seasoned practitioner. Expect step-by-step instructions, attention to alignment and a supportive environment with stages appropriate for all levels. LocationWhitespace Studios and…

Afternoon Retreat Restorative Yoga with Julie Smerdon

Join us for 2 hours of deep rest. There is often confusion about the difference between Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.  In Yin Yoga the purpose of relaxation is to go deeper into a stretch.  In Restorative Yoga the purpose of relaxation is RELAXATION.  Expect gentle movement, breath work and plenty of sweet rest in this class devoted to nurturing you on every level. Suitable for all levels. LocationWhitespace Studios and Gallery, 1 Pakenham Street, Fremantle.There is covered parking available at Collie Street and the gallery is a 3 minute walk from Fremantle Train Station. Investment$50 early bird / $60 after 1 November.Attend…

Make Your Own Mounted Elkhorn with Claire Greenhill

Learn about this fabulous fern and make your own mounted Elkhorn trophy in this dynamic hands-on workshop. Our plant guru Claire will guide you through the process of preparing your surface board, attaching and presenting your Elkhorn plant. You will also learn how to care for your new mounted trophy, including when and how to water as well as tips for placement and feeding. Elkhorns are in fact native to Australia and traditionally grow on tree trunks and absorb nutrients and water through their fronds, making them ideal for a mounting. These unique plants have had a recent resurgence in popularity;…


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Peter Zuvela Photography Courses

Peter Zuvela of J Shed Art Studio - Photography Courses LEVEL ONE for beginners SPRING series enroll now. 6 Week Course for a very cool $290.00. Spring is a wonderful time to take photos in Fremantle. Classes will start SUNDAY 28th of OCTOBER running for six weeks from 2PM to 4.30pm. or  WEDNESDAY starting 31st of OCTOBER running for six weeks from 2PM to 4.30pm. Experience Digital photography classes in small groups with tutor and freelance photographer Peter Zuvela (with an Adv Dip. in Photography). Very practical courses with fun excursions with your camera around beautiful Bathers Beach Fremantle and…

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Workshops and classes

If you’re looking for creative or active things to do in Fremantle then taking part in a workshop or class is the perfect activity. Our listings include free yoga classes and raw food workshops to night classes at the Fremantle Arts Centre. Discover something new and fun to do in Fremantle.