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Trish Bygott presents,

The Needlecase and the Pincushion

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Date & time

29th of July 2018 at 10:00am
until 4:00pm



Madam Bukeshla
16 Wray Avenue
  • Wray Avenue Precinct


The tool kit of any maker is an indispensable feature of the creative process. It can also be replete with beautiful.. treasured items.. unique in hand-touched qualities that inspire your craft.. and nurture your longing for beauty.
Whether you're a beginner.. or an experienced stitcher.. this is an opportunity to set yourself up with two of the most utilitarian & beautiful accoutrements of your kit..
The Needlecase and the Pin-Cushion.

More than mere accessories.. these items will contain your pins & needles.. as well as your aspirations for future makings.
Worthy of coffee table contemplation within the home..  these small stitched jewels will spark your creative fire.. beckoning you on. 

July 29th 10am-4pm   $150 tuition + $15 materials
                                                        $165 inclusive..             Please  contact us  for enquiries..

The inspiration for this theme arose from the sampler workshop.. With ready-made templates provided..the simple and the small give us the opportunity to embrace stillness.. tapping into the fountain of creative impulse that arises from deeply inward.. meditative stitching. Trish will guide you through the process of giving form to the foundation of these objects.. beautifying with patterning.. colour.. composition and personality. 

Needlecase and pin-cushion components will be provided.
Suitable needles can be purchased for a small fee. If you have some favoured fabric remnants, you're welcome to bring these along. Please also bring your own sewing scissors and a thimble if you use one.

  • $165
    • Adult
  • Please contact us for bookings & enquiries.. or use the link below for online bookings..
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