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The Natalie Rolt Studio



The Natalie Rolt Studio
92 Stirling Highway
North Fremantle 6159
  • North Fremantle


Our showroom captures the Natalie Rolt concept, showcasing a gallery of our designs and services that we provide. Our customers can express their own style and create their own look with the opportunity to choose from a selection of colours and prints in which their chosen design can be made in. Choice is a beautiful thing and opens an avenue for our style consultants to offer their recommendations of sizing, design selection as well as styling tips and tricks. We do not stop there, we are a destination that can assist you from head-to-toe. A creative space bringing to you our very own in-house beauty professionals to offer hair, makeup and spray tans - to complete your look.

The ambiance and infectious energy is what we have created within the Natalie Rolt boutique and adjoining studio. Every element is an integral part of the Natalie Rolt concept and is a reflection of the women who create it. Each creative within the studio compliments each other - this is essential in order to stay true to our muse and to our customers. This provides the complete experience to our customers, as we want to leave an imprint on every single person that comes across the Natalie Rolt label.

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Open 7 days